Over 30 years of experience in weather radar and signal processing GAMIC was established as a company for meteorological signal processing systems. Besides their proven signal processor ENIGMA, they build complete X-band Doppler weather radar systems with single or dual polarization. Their custom solutions and consulting services will facilitate radar related projects.

GAMIC was established in 1988 by Dr.-Ing. Martin Malkomes in Aachen (Germany) close to the Dutch and Belgian border. Since back then, GAMIC have been in cooperation with weather radar sensor manufacturers worldwide, providing state-of-the-art signal and data processing products to be used for Doppler weather radars. From 2016 Martins son Paul Malkomes leads the company.

In 1995 GAMIC developed the weather radar software suite FROG-MURAN and the digital IF processor family ENIGMA. Both make up a perfect companion for weather radar systems, installed by many customers all over the world. With a growing team of hardware and software engineers, we were able to complete many projects and consolidated our position in the weather radar sector.

StormPlatform is proudly a partner from GAMIC and has been abled to use FROG-MURAN to plot and to customize radarproducts out of open data from the national weatherserices from The Netherlands (KNMI), Germany (DWD) and also other European countries, for the needs of meteorologists, stormchasers, nowcasters, our visitors and/or for the public.

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Siemens Blids Realtime Lightning Data

State of the art technology, when you need it, how you need it:

Siemens has been a long time owner and operator of lightning detection networks in multiple locations. The United Kingdom, Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Poland, and naturally, Germany. What you might not know is we also provide our customers with lightning data for any coordinate on the planet.

The electromagnetic fields of lightning strikes in thunderstorms destroy sensitive electronics in production systems, transmission equipment and household appliances. Interference with television and radio reception or interruptions in the power supply are common occurrences.
Strikes of lightning provide important information about the development of a cloud or an entire weather front, as our friends here at StormPlatform know very well.
Every strike of lightning emits an electromagnetic signal. This information is recorded with sensors and analyzed in the BLIDS Center in Karlsruhe. The measured values from the various measuring receivers provide the basis for determining precisely where lightning strikes. The lightning events are plotted on digitized maps for precise location and easy reference for up to the millisecond reliable information.
It is also possible to replay past strikes or the development of a thunderstorm in its entirety with no gaps. Lightning strikes are displayed to an accuracy of a few hundred meters.
 The location of the lightning strikes is based on two location principles:
▪ Time of arrival: the generated electromagnetic signal propagates 
uniformly at close to the speed of light. As a result, the signal is also recorded at different times at different antennas. The time difference provides a means of computing the point at which the lightning struck.
▪ Cross bearing: The sensors are set up so that they can detect the direction from which the signal is coming. The point at which the lightning struck can be measured by collating the information from all the sensors.
BLIDS provides tailored solutions for all applications such as weather forecasting, flight planning, wind farm operations, power plants and a multiple of other applications in numerous industries.
Get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to help you select suitable services for your needs anywhere in the world.
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No One Knows Lightning Like Us

Skywarn Nederland

Onder de bezielende leiding van ‘chaseveteraan’ Hans Stans is non-profit organisatie Skywarn Nederland in Nederland hét centrale meldpunt als het gaat om het melden van extreme weersverschijnselen. De binnengekomen meldingen van door Skywarn Nederland erkende stormchasers worden meteen doorgegeven aan het KNMI en andere professionele weerdiensten, worden uitvoerig geanalyseerd en worden ook toegevoegd aan verschillende databases van extreem weer. Skywarn Nederland deelt verder kennis over extreem weer en gaat in de (nabije) toekomst ook zelf stormchasers opleiden en certificeren. Het meldingssysteem op StormPlatform staat in direct contact met het meldsysteem van Skywarn Nederland. Zo kunnen via StormPlatform óók meldingen worden gedaan, die automatisch en meteen bij Skywarn Nederland terechtkomen. Gelieve als stormspotter van Skywarn Nederland geen dubbele meldingen te doen! Meldingen van extreem weer bij Skywarn Nederland zijn andersom terug te vinden op de liveradarmap van StormPlatform.